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When you have a staffing need, it is our mission to meet that need with precision and expedience.  We have developed a hiring process that is unique and unparalleled; we call it SERVE.  Our SERVE program is designed to do exactly what it says, serve your business the best we can.  Here is exactly how we do it:

We perform a thorough search of our own database to find the best candidates that meet the requirements of the job.  We also market the job opening through colleges and employment databases to attract new candidates that are also qualified.  When the search is complete, we will have narrowed the list down so only the most qualified remain.

We evaluate each potential hire using a proprietary personality evaluation.  This is a vital step in the process because it enables us to match the personality of the candidate to that of the business, as determined in an initial meeting with the client.  After this step, we will have a short list of candidates left and will nearly be ready to make our recommendation.

We complete a full review of the remaining candidates by confirming their credentials regarding education and licensure, validating their certifications, and checking their references.  In the event something does not check out, they will be removed from candidacy.

Next we are ready to present you with our recommendation and acquire your validation of the candidate.

Lastly, we help you execute a deal with the new hire by moderating negotiations and providing the new hire with all information they need to get started.  We send letters to both parties detailing the arrangement and finalizing the deal.

Our Guarantee

We find you the best group of candidates, put them through a rigorous evaluation process, review all of their credentials and references, and present you with the absolute perfect fit for your organization.  Our process is so thorough and precise that we are not afraid to guarantee our work!  Our 60-day guarantee gives you up to two months of experience with all new hires, if you decide within that time that he/she is not right for your business, we will find you a replacement at no cost!

Once the hiring process is complete, we are not done serving your business.  Throughout the first year of hire we check in on the performance of the employee and are available 24/7 to help with anything you need via our after-hours emergency number.

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